Discover Dihua Street

Discover Dihua Street, for New Year Fun, Shopping, and everything else you can imagine!

The Story

The Hotel Jianshan is located in the middle street of Dadaocheng, which place is nearest to Dadaocheng Wharf. From the period of most prosperous commercial activity in Taiwan to the going down because of dock siltation, only Hotel Jianshan witnesses the thriving and decay of Dadaocheng.

Hotel Jianshan guarded here in silence with strong human touch.

Back in times

Do you know the prosperity of Dadaocheng during Japanese occupation? Do you want to take a look at the life of Sing-song girl? Do you want to know the tea millionaire how to grow and thrive to influence Dadaocheng? 

The Hotel Jianshan wants to create an environment with nostalgia and modern let more people experience previous glorious years, besides, to add new element in history and create a new achievement in next hundred years.