Reconstruction with Blending of Modern and Nostalgia

To us, what’s the meaning of time? We take for granted what we have and think is par for the course to the environment where we grow. People said that time are story. The story about the little nothing of life happened in that era. We maybe or maybe not ever go through that era, but there are properly some memories or some things existed in our life. Hotel Jianshan was founded in Taiwan Republic Year 66, a golden age of Taiwan. In Jianshan, we stop the time is this moment, and let the guest to experience different era with “one floor one era, one room one walk of life”.

2F – 1920

During the period of “Japanese occupation”, the traditional industry was rose and developed in Taiwan. In this time, the annual export volume had ever over hundred percent. It was also the period of efflorescence in tea industry

3F – 1940

The commercial scene of East meets westIn those days with crisscross of Japanese and Chinese, owing to the influence of external cultures, there were different cultural groups in TaipeiTo go and taste Japanese store and confectionery on old Taipei street!

4F – 1960

The period of peace and prosperityThe Hotel Jianshan located in Penglaiding, and it had been the witness of rise and decline of Kamg San Lau and Xing Hua Ke.Today, we reappear the prosperity of famous hotel